Source: Mr. Aditya Gautama (Department of Horticulture, National Chung Hsing University)

►NCHU’s Prof.Syuan-You Lin, (Left) and student Aditya Gautama (Right), Learning blueberry cultivation management, NCHU GreenHouse

Allow me to introduce myself with great enthusiasm. I am Aditya Gautama and thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce myself. Originally from Indonesia, I am currently pursuing my studies as an international student at National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Taiwan. I am majoring in Horticulture, a field that has captured my interest and ignited my passion for plants, nature, and sustainable agriculture. I chose to major in Horticulture because of my deep-rooted love for plants and the immense satisfaction I feel when witnessing their growth, flowering, and bearing fruits or vegetables.

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of plants. This fascination has grown into a deep-rooted love for horticulture, as I recognize the vital role it plays in our society, from providing nutritious food to enhancing our environment with vibrant flowers and ornamental plants. By studying horticulture, I can contribute to creating a greener, more sustainable future.

►"Harvesting Japanese cultivar - Alusi Muskmelon", NCHU Horticultural Research Station

Taiwan has long been celebrated for its advanced agricultural techniques and innovative approaches to horticulture. The academic excellence and strong emphasis on research in horticulture at NCHU make it the perfect destination for pursuing my dreams. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from renowned faculty members and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share my passion.

I have had the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences through practical sessions, fieldwork, and research projects. Specifically, in the world of fruit cultivation. Through practical work, I have learned essential skills such as grafting, plant propagation, pest and disease management, and post-harvest techniques, which have been invaluable in enhancing my horticultural expertise.

It has reinforced my passion for plants, expanded my knowledge, and equipped me with the practical skills necessary for a successful future in this field

►“Soil management practices” - NCHU Horticultural Research Station

Embracing Growth: Navigating Language Barriers as an International Student 

Being an international student at NCHU University in Taiwan has presented me with a unique set of challenges and opportunities, particularly when it comes to overcoming language barriers. Adjusting to a new environment with a different language can be initially overwhelming, but it has also become a transformative experience that has fostered personal growth and learning.

I encountered the language barrier head-on when I first arrived. The unfamiliarity of the Chinese language made it challenging to communicate effectively with the locals and navigate daily tasks. However, NCHU has been tremendously supportive in helping me overcome this obstacle. The university provides Chinese language courses specifically designed for non-native speakers, which have been instrumental in improving my language proficiency. These courses have not only equipped me with practical language skills but have also boosted my confidence in interacting with others.

While the language barrier may have initially seemed like a significant hurdle, it has ultimately become a catalyst for personal growth and resilience.

►"Hard work paid off with invaluable experiences and newfound knowledge."

OIA Enriches International Students’ Life: Building a Supportive Community

My experience as an international student at NCHU has been nothing short of enriching. Interacting with students from diverse cultural backgrounds has broadened my perspective and helped me appreciate different viewpoints. The multicultural environment on campus has fostered meaningful friendships and valuable connections, creating a supportive community that feels like a second home.

►“Languages and cultural exchange”, Chung Hsing Lake

Upon my arrival in Taiwan, Office of International Affairs (OIA) at NCHU played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition. They organized a comprehensive orientation program that acquainted me with the campus, facilities, and local culture. This well-structured orientation provided vital information about academic requirements, student services, and a plethora of extracurricular activities¬¬-- the meticulous planning and coordination by the OIA staff ensured that our journey was comprehensive and engaging, leaving us with unforgettable memories and a deeper understanding of Taiwan's rich heritage. 

Overall, my time as an international student at NCHU has been an extraordinary experience. The support from the university and OIA along with interaction with students from diverse backgrounds have all contributed to a remarkable journey.


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