Imagery possesses infinite creative potential, and artists wholeheartedly immerse themselves in it, expressing their thoughts and emotions through their works. In this exhibition, we showcase the remarkable works of two artists, Mr. Hui-Tang Lin who focuses on presenting the energy of the universe in his creations, and Ms. Ying-Hui Ge, who is committed to ecological care. They hope to guide viewers on a journey to experience the flow and bonds among human beings, the earth, and the universe, inviting exploration of the various dimensions of our existence through their paintings.

►Ms. Ying-Hui Ge, Two Worlds, Oil on Canvas, 50F. 2023

Ying-Hui Ge, graduated with a master’s degree from the Western Painting Department at the Institute of Fine Arts at Tunghai University, Taiwan. Her works have been selected for the 11th Hundred Oil Painting Exhibition at the Taichung Port Art Center. "Nature" has always been an endless source of creative inspiration for Ms. Ge, a symbol of infinite vitality. In recent years, she has focused on ecological issues, conveying warnings about global warming and the ecological disasters caused by human pollution through her arts. Her works express concerns about the future of the earth, but at the same time, she also paints the beauty of nature through images of flowers, using vibrant colors to heal the viewers' souls. Her aim is to return to a harmonious, gentle, and joyful state and to inspire people.

►Artist: Ying-Hui Ge
 ► Ms. Ying-Hui Ge, Where is My Home, Oil on Canvas, 50F, 2019.

►Ms. Ying-Hui Ge, Natural Disasters ll, Oil on Canvas, 60P, 2011.

Hui-Tang Lin had served as the director of the Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau and engaged in cultural administration for over two decades, witnessing the development and transformation of cultural construction in Taichung City, Taiwan. In recognition of his contributions, he received the Taichung City Government Senior Distinguished Artist Award in 2018. Mr. Lin possesses a profound understanding of the importance of culture and art in human life, and he assimilates these concepts into his unique representation of "Temmoku on Canvas". Whether depicting the passage of time (day and night), the use of space (the great universe), the wisdom of ancestors (I Ching), or modern technology (Avatar), his paintings convey the inseparable connection between humans and the vast universe.

►Artist: Hui-Tang Lin     
►Mr. Hui-Tang Lin, Fuxi (Before Heaven) Trigram: Open(Tui),  Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 50F, 2019.

►Mr. Hui-Tang Lin, Prehistoric Age lll, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 10F, 2022.

Art is not only a language but also an idea, capable of expressing the complexity of meaning, the eternity of existence, and the expansion of space. Artists craft tangible or abstract visual images using diverse media, drawing from their life experiences to exhibit their thoughts, concepts, and emotions. Each artwork is a testament to the artist's lifestyle and cultural influences, encompassing a deep sense of humanistic care and the cultivation of multifaceted perspectives.

►Mr. Hui-Tang Lin, Libra, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 50F, 2022, Collected by the Art Center of NCHU.


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