Biotechnology Center of NCHU and University of California, Davis Signed 3+X Master's Degree MOU


Source: Dr. Jian-Wei Chen (Director of the Biotechnology Center, NCHU)

Translated by Adam Shih


With the support of the Ministry of Education's Advanced Education and Training Program, NCHU has taken UC Davis, which was also a university founded on Agriculture , as its benchmark school. The Biotechnology Center of NCHU has chalked out the blueprint of  the collaboration with UC Davis in order to develop four major features of MOE (Ministry of Education) pilot project, including bilateral research collaboration, teaching innovation, international talent cultivation and global agriculture, the ultimate goal is to build an outstanding international research team and to nurture advanced academic research talents and insights with global mobility.


On 31 October 2019, In order to establish a cooperative platform, NCHU’s representatives led by  Vice President Chang-Hsien Yang met with UC Davis’ s representatives - Dr. Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Vice President for Global Affairs, and Dr. Linxia Liang, Director of International Programs in Asia, Global Affairs Office - to discuss the collaboration between the departments of Applied Economics, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering. This June, Dr. Joanna Regulska, Professor Mu-Min Chen, former Vice President for the International Affairs(now the minister of Taiwan in India), and Professor Jian-Wei Chen, Director of the Biotechnology Center of NCHU, have eventually signed 3+X Master's Degree MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) for the mutual benefit of tertiary education of two countries in the foreseeable future .


Students from the department of Applied Economics, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering will be eligible to apply for the 3+X Master's degree program and then attend the Global Study Program at UC Davis during their senior year after being admitted to the Master's program. After graduating with a bachelor's degree at NCHU, qualified students can proceed to UC Davis to obtain a master's degree. Ms. Yang, one of the outstanding students from the Department of Applied Economics,  has been successfully admitted to the UC Davis M.S. program in Agricultural and Resource Economics through the 3+X master's degree program.


Description 1: Vice President Chang-Hsien Yang (front row, right 2) and other faculty members of NCHU, together with Dr. Joanna Regulska (front row, left 2) and Dr. Linxia Liang (front row, left 1) from UC Davis, discussed the signing of the 3+X master's degree program between NCHU and UC Davis and took a group photo.

Description 2: The MOU signing of the 3+X master's degree program was initiated by NCHU’s Vice President Chang-Hsien Yang (middle) and represented by former Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Mu-Min Chen (right) and Director of the Center for Biomedical Sciences, Prof. Jian-Wei Chen (left).

Description 3: Congratulations to Ms. Yang from the Department of Applied Economics for her acceptance into the UCD M.S. Program through the 3+X Master's Degree Program.

From left to right: Prof. Shu-Yi Liao, Dean of the Department of Applied Economics, Prof. Jian-Wei Chen, Director of the Biology Center, Vice President Chang-Hsien Yang, and Prof. Chia-Lin Chang, Vice President for International Affairs.

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