The Art Center of NCHU was established to immerse everyone in the great atmosphere of art through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and diverse collections that provide opportunities to nurture our students with international dimensions of art and their interests through social engagements. This time, we are going to present a Taiwanese artist who created a new vision from learning and passing on the ancient art of crafts. The masterpieces of the artist transcend the classic aesthetic perspective and display uniqueness in her glory.

Artist/ Huang Li-Shu Flavorful life Crimson Red Cherry Blossoms at Night

Lacquer Art: A Teacher and Students Exhibition of Lacquer Art by Ms. Huang Li-Shu

Traditional crafts reflect the needs of the people and represent the vitality of historical legacy, while the expression of decorative arts is more culturally stylish and distinctive. Among these, "lacquer art" is famous for its complicated procedure and exquisite production, which has both practical and aesthetic values. Ms. Huang Li-Shu is a Living National Treasure of lacquer craftsmanship and a preserver of important traditional craftsmanship techniques. She has been studying a variety of lacquer techniques and has been involved in researching and investigating the history of lacquerware in Taiwan. She is well versed in her skills and continues to create, which has enriched the depth and breadth of her future works and teaching. Her works combine various media such as wood, bamboo, rattan, stone, and metal, conceptualizing topics from life experience and observing the surrounding environment with the keen nature of an artist, which starts from tradition and incorporates new contemporary thinking in order to showcase the heritage and innovation of Taiwanese craftsmanship through the thousand-year-old lacquer artifact.

Spring: Tung Blossom
Lacquer, Seashell,Eggshell
Summer: Lotus
Lacquer, Seashell
Fall: Dragonfly Winter: Tagetes Erecta


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