Inheritance is critical to Innovation. Calligraphy presents the beauty of visual art and delivers the spirit of contemporary culture and the artist’s literary accomplishments. This time, the Art Center of NCHU is going to introduce two Taiwan renown artists: Liang Yung-Fei and Hsiao Shih-Chiung, from the art exhibitions we staged in 2022. They were deeply influenced by the classical culture and then wandered in the experimentation and agitation of novel artistic concepts. Their works reproduced the status of artists' inspiration during creation and froze the moment they were experiencing, to display their own unique artistic idiom.

Artist / Hsiao Shih-Chiung Frigid Jadeite Fume Blue and White Porcelain: You Reap What You Sow Teapot: Cranes Growling from The Deep Pond (Glimmering Through Darkness) Ceramist/ Chen Ming-Tang

The Great Stroke: Hsiao Shih-Chiung and Liang Yung-Fei’s Exhibition

Calligraphy is composed of visual art such as images, lines, strokes, and layout; it should also contain readable literature qualities. Hsiao Shih-Chiung and Liang Yung-Fei possess profound knowledge and skill in calligraphy. Jumping out of traditional frameworks, they seek to combine modern trends with ancient culture, thereby creating contemporary aesthetic air that incorporates “visual arts” and “elegant writings.” The two masters’ works are uniquely vivid, giving the words a dynamic energy of “presenting meaning by shapes” and enabling provide the words with them to express and communicate with each other. The elements of design that incorporate paintings and colors can also emphasize creative ideas and expressions in various aspects through different materials, thus expanding the artistic values of calligraphy and constructing different possibilities.

Artist / Liang Yung-Fei Spring Wind Dancing with Full Moon The Full Moon Day for Family Reunion Harvest and auspicious


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