Source: Dr. Hsien-Chung Huang (Director of NCHU Office of Physical education and sports)

Source: Mr. Chia-Chun Chan (NCHU Office of Physical education and sports)

Under Taiwan's previous education system, physical education tended to be classified as an unimportant discipline. However, National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) clearly recognizes that a muscular physique decides everything. Physical education is not just about sports. Sportsmanship enables individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to gain valuable learning experiences through physical education, which comprises critical elements of future success, such as thinking, resilience, and the courage to face challenges. The Office of Physical Education and Sports of NCHU combines teaching and research, competition activities, and venue equipment to manage sports-related affairs. In recent years, we have been striving for breakthroughs in teaching content, sports activities, and sports facilities, intending to build a diversified sports curriculum and sports activities, providing a friendly sports environment, and realizing the goal of “Sports Is Life”.


In terms of teaching and research, we offer 85 courses related to physical education every semester, such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, soccer, softball, golf, swimming, dancesport, modern dance, weight management, weight training, Pilates, frisbee, and canoe, to provide students with adaptive courses. In addition, the Office of Physical Education and Sports regularly cooperates with the Health and Consulting Center of the Office of Student Affairs to deliver health lectures on sports, providing more sports opportunities for our professors and staff workers, thus encouraging them to develop regular sports habits, improving the discomfort caused by long-term fixed posture through sports, and enhancing work efficiency and quality of life.

With the maturity and wide applications of AI techniques, we have pioneered the development of the “AI PE Teacher” teaching system and established the “Smart Table Tennis Classroom” to introduce AI technology, provide students with the correction and guidance of their actions, improve teaching efficiency, make the learning more interesting for students, and enhance independent learning results. In the future, we will constantly develop the “AI PE Teacher” teaching system in different sports to improve teaching efficiency.

The sports activities aim to integrate sports into daily life, handle diversified sports activities yearly, and actively guide the faculty and students to participate in various sports events. Our activities include school athletic games, school aquatic sports games, interdepartmental cup student sports competitions, and creative cheerleading championships. During the events, we provide students with practical opportunities for event planning, registration, arrangement, event management, fund control, and judgment to cultivate sports professionals in addition to academic talents. In addition, we hold campus healthy running to invite residents of nearby communities to join us and create a good sports atmosphere.

Concerning venue equipment, the Office of Physical Education and Sports has continuously improved the facilities of sports venues in recent years to create a friendly and high-quality sports environment. We have the indoor a gymnasium, 12 badminton courts on the second floor, two basketball courts, and two table tennis rooms on the basement floor. As for outdoor venues, we have a national standard track and field stadium certified by the Chinese Taipei Athletics Association, 12 basketball courts, 7 volleyball courts, and a futsal field. In a nutshell, we have complete sports equipment and open campus sports facilities for faculty, students, and the public to jointly promote the social sports atmosphere and create a friendly sports campus.


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