Source: Dr. Kun-Tsung LU (Director, Experimental Forest Management Office, NCHU)
Shih-Ting Wu (Associate Technical Specialist, Experimental Forest Management Office, NCHU)

National Chung Hsing University has Huisun Forest Station, Xinhua Forest Station, Dongshi Forest Station, Wenshan Forest Station, with a total area of 8275 hectares. Four forest stations are managed by the Experimental Forest Management Office, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, National Chung Hsing University.

Under the Japanese rule period, experimental forests show achievements of internships in forest industry technology research, ecological conservation, and new technology of the forest industry, which represent the history of forest education in Taiwan. In recent years, Huisun Forest Station and Hsinhua Forest Station have provided more forest recreation services and indigenous culture products to visitors.

Huisun Forest Station

Huisun Forest Station is located in Renai Township of Nantou County with a total area of 7,477 hectares. The landscape here with high mountains and gorges make it astonishing. With a spread of almost 2000m in elevation, this forest crosses three weather zones (mild, warm, and subtropical) of vegetation. While most areas remain in their original state, the ecosystem showcases a rich diversity.

There are a lot of trails, including Song-Fong Mountain Trail, Azalea Trail, Frog Rock Trail, Misty Trail, Viewing Deck Trail, and Tang Mountain Trail. Each has its own characteristics. The levels of trails are for all ages not only to enjoy but also to challenge. For safety and convenience, all trails are settled tour systems along the way to provide a better tourist experience. Besides, spots like Japanese Cottage, Coffee Shop, Souvenir Shop, Tea Trial, Alpinia Lane, Cinnamon and Persimmon Family, and Herb Garden are also suitable for walk or ecology observation.


Hsinhua Forest Station

Hsinhua Forest Station is located in the township of Hsinhua, Tainan County, and lies in a catchment area on the east side of Hu Tou Pei. This forest mainly comprises endless rolling hills; the highest elevation is only 154m. It takes only 25 minutes to get to Tainan downtown area. With a total area of 378 hectares, it preserves the diversity of the ecosystem. Since it was an experimental land to plant tropical trees in the past, which you may see everywhere. The facilities of the trails are well-rounded, and the station is the best place for people to hike because it’s essentially a suburban city forest. In addition, it has been collaborating with the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture, and Executive Yuan, combining soil and water conservation and countryside regeneration ideas, reviving ponds, landscapes, and fixing trails. It has been turned into a place that strikes a balance between the biophysical environment and educational area, attracting many people to visit here, and received many awards as well.

Tungshih Forest Station

Tungshih Forest Station is located in Tungshih District, Taichung City, with a total area of 303 hectares. It had been through illegal logging activities thrice during the Japanese colonial period, the Taiwan restoration period, and 1960 - 1962. It does not have a main natural forest area, and most of it is leased forestland. Leaseholders manage it as an orchard. We kept reclaiming and recovering the forest lands in order to maintain biodiversity.

Wenshan Forest Station

Wenshan Forest Station is located upstream of the Xindian River, with a total area of 117 hectares. It is a low-altitude mountain area. The native broadleaf trees form is the forest’s central part and is close to the Feitsui Reservoir, making it an important water protection area. Keep rainwater and reduce soil erosion via forest vegetation’s covering. It takes the effects of solid consolidation and water conservation to fully deploy purposes of forest welfare.

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